About the book

Do you want to know more about your body than you can see with your eyes? Memorix Histology is the result of cooperation between more than a hundred histologists, anatomists, pathologists, students and clinicians, which results in a comprehensible source of histological knowledge. Structured text with emphasis on cytology, basic histology and microscopic anatomy is combined with simple design including more than 1200 colourful images and 300 micrographs. Students and teachers will definitely appreciate schemes and deciding algorithms, which will help them with specimen identification as well as clinical notes highlighting the importance of histology.

Size of preview (PDF): 150 MB


Colorful design, page format and a vast number of clear illustrations makes the orientation in the book easy. The order of the chapters, the system of captions and the division of the text makes Memorix a transparent, systematic and concise textbook of Histology.

About the Memorix Education System

Considering the difficulty as far as the content and the terminology, it is essential to be effective with your studies. It is useful to create a system, which makes studying and revising faster and easier. Even though every student has their own system for studying, we´ve created so-called Memorix Education System, which could be a good inspiration. Nevertheless as you are studying medicine (or related subject) you are surely aware that no matter how good the system is, it can´t replace hundreds of hours that you have to spend studying. As a saying goes you need not only Memorix but also a "skull of steel and a butt of lead".

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."   Albert Einstein