About the book

The world’s newest comprehensive book of human anatomy with complete English and Latin terminology. Memorix Anatomy is a perfect example of a student-friendly textbook with a modern design and didactic approach. Written by medical students, anatomists and medical doctors, this textbook summarizes important information from general, special and topographic anatomy. All the important anatomical facts and principles are covered in this 600-page text, supported by 1500 simple illustrative schemes. The original Memorix educational system has been created in collaboration with experts in adult learning and implemented in this book.

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Colorful design, page format and a vast number of clear illustrations makes the orientation in the book easy. The order of the chapters, the system of captions and the division of the text makes Memorix a transparent, systematic and concise textbook of Anatomy.

About the Memorix Education System

The Memorix Education System was created to boost retention rates of anatomy knowledge. To guarantee the didactic approach to the textbook we recruited many specialists in psychology and andragogy (adult teaching and learning) to cooperate with medical students, anatomists, histologists, embryologists and clinicians to create a novel system of learning.

We consider non-continuous text to be more efficient in the process of studying, memorizing and revising than continuous text. Thus, only the introduction windows contain continuous text, which serve as chapter overviews. In total, about 15 % of the textbook is written in continuous and 85 % in the non-continuous text. The textbook also contains many tables, charts and schemes serving as useful tools for better memory consolidation. Interesting notes and clinical correlations are highlighted in the middle column, which point out the importance of anatomy in every day clinical practice. In this section you can also find mnemonics that simplify learning and support creative thinking.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."   Albert Einstein


Beatričė Bugenytė
Beatričė Bugenytė
16.3. 2017

Hello, I can say that the book were very helpful when I was in the first study ear. The book is structural, it is easy to understand the locations of organs and the parts of different structures. When I found this book in the library, the studying process of anatomy became 100 times easier. And there is the picture when my group and I were attending in olimpiad of anatomy in Latvia.

Sultan Saaty
Sultan Saaty
15.1. 2018

I studied anatomy from many different sources, but Memorix Anatomy was by far the best source I have used. The English version was published in 2015 and I have seen almost every international medical student study from it.