MEMORIX s.r.o company was created by Radovan Hudák, MD whose idea in 2011 was to create a revolutionary book Memorix anatomy. We specialize in creation and selling of the books and education applications for studies of anatomy and histology. Because of the large number of demonstrative images, schemes, structured text and overall size they create an ideal source of information to study and review the mentioned subject.

Memorix team is formed mostly by young doctors and students of medical faculties. Originally 8 of the 11 members were students of medicine, nowadays individual creative teams contain tens of internal members. Besides the main authors and creators the books and application represent a collaboration of hundreds of co-authors, graphic designers, reviewers, programming engineers etc.

It´s been a few years since the first edition of Memorix anatomie and now it´s the fourth version that can be bought. During that time the English version - Memorix Anatomy was created (now 2nd edition), Memorix histologie was created (now 2nd edition) which will be translated to English and therefore Memorix Histology will be created. We have produced mobile application Memorix Anatomy QUIZ for students to review anatomy anywhere and anytime, we are working on a similar application to revise histology and a unique Online anatomical dictionary is in the works as well. With our support application to review anatomy using images was created as well as a project Anatomyka, which consists of a unique 3D model of the human body.