Memorix Education System

Steps of the Memorix Education System

Content and opening texts
  • at the beginning of a chapter create a simple overview of its content
  • read the opening two pages of coherent text, which will introduce you to the main terms and contents of the chapter
  • browse through the titles of the sub-chapters , read the sentences in the opening windows of the sub-chapters and take a look at the main text and the images
  • write down a couple of questions, which should be answered by reading the text (find your inspiration at the end of the chapters)
  • according to the extent of the chapter, create a study plan (how many hours you´ll spend on an individual page, how many days you´ll be studying)
  • consecutively browse through the main content of each sub-chapter to the smallest details
  • read the opening text again and closely examine main text with the images, where you can find answers to your questions
  • underline what seems important to you, redraw the images, create a mind map
  • after reading the main content, take a look at the information in the middle column
  • less important information, examples and old terms could make the studying and remembering easier
  • read clinical correlations, so you know, which knowledge you´ll need the most as a doctor
  • take a look at the transparently organised  information following the main text
  • deciding algorithms will help you find the right way to identify cells and tissues under light microscope
  • electron microscope images at the end of Cytology chapter and microphotographs in every chapter
  • big and detailed images will show you the real look of histological structures, visible under electron and light microscope
  • make sure that the given topic is well understood by completing questions and images for review
  • progressively and out loud explain to either yourself alone or to your classmates the given topic